The Croton-Cortlandt Gazette

Letter to the Editor
Original Publication: December 21 - January 3, 2001

To the editor:
There are hospitals that care! Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow is such a place. I am a female senior citizen, residing in Scarborough. On Saturday, August 9, I fell in my apartment and broke my leg. The details on how I broke my leg are unimportant, just know that it was a very serious break. Unable to stand I crawled to the house phone, and called my neighbors, Inez and Art Vecciardi, for help.

Fortunately for me, the Vecciardis are very involved with Phelps, so they knew who to contact at the hospital. I was then taken by ambulance to the emergency room, and was met by Dr. Samuel Hoisington. After examining me, he decided that he would operate on me the next morning, which was Sunday.The care I received from the moment I arrived was wonderful. Never for a moment did I feel frightened.

I would personally like to thank Dr. Samuel Hoisington and Dr. Joseph Annichiarico, head of Rehabilitation Unit at Phelps for the care they gave me; and the nurses in the surgical unit and the rehabilitation unit. They are all very special people.

Jo Carson, Scarborough