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Computer Assisted Solutions


Zimmer is collaborating with leading surgeons to combine and advance minimally invasive surgery with computer assisted surgery.

Our goals are to enhance clinical accuracy and patient outcomes through the use of navigation and breakthrough technologies.

In collaboration with leading surgeons, Zimmer is leading the way to providing value in Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) for both minimally invasive procedures as well as Traditional surgical techniques.

Our goals are to enhance clinical accuracy and patient outcomes through the development of new CAS technologies and providing applications that are simple and easy to use.

Enabled for both Minimally Invasive Solutions™ Procedures and traditional surgical procedures, CAS is designed to be another tool in your doctor’s “medical bag”. Doctors use it to:

  • Improve visibility of the patient”s joint structures.
  • Provide a surgical “roadmap” for instruments, implants, and surgical technique.
  • Simulated surgery for greater familiarity of procedures.

What does CAS-enabled mean?

“CAS-enabled” indicates that a product or a technique can be performed with the assistance of computer navigation.

How do I know if a CAS procedure is right for me?

There are many options available in joint replacement surgery, because each patient, each joint, and each situation is unique. After assessing your situation and the options available, your doctor will determine if a CAS procedure is appropriate for you.

For what procedures is CAS technology available?

CAS technology can be used with many minimally invasive and traditional joint replacement procedures. These include partial knee replacement, total knee replacement, and total hip replacement. It all depends on your candidacy and your doctor’s decision.



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