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Patient Testimonials


“The doctors at HVBJ are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to all aspects of patient care excellence. Drs. Pianka and Hoisington epitomize professional excellence and most compassionate patient care”.

James M.

“I am so pleased with Dr. Hochfelder’s professionalism, manner, and skill. I can now walk normally and am able to play with my grandchildren.”

Frank S.

“The HVBJS is a good team of professionals and appreciated my recent visit where I got the right advice and treatment required from Dr. Robert Seebacher & his Staff”

Steven L. Hanft

“I am truly grateful to have world class orthopedic surgeons and staff looking after my health and well being. Thank you for everything HVBJ Surgeons have done and will continue to do!”

Denise P.

“A huge and heartfelt thanks to HVBJS who looked after me with great compassion and skill!”

Lucy M.

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