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The Zimmer® Gender Solutions™ High-Flex Knee


The First and Only Knee Replacement Shaped to Fit a Woman’s Anatomy

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From the cells in their bodies to their taste in clothes, it’s no surprise that women are different from men. In fact, research shows women and men are different all the way down to their knees. Even so, knee replacement implants have been designed based on an average size of women’s and men’s knees.

The number of women having knee replacement has grown significantly, and leading orthopedic surgeons began reporting that they were frequently making adjustments during surgery to make traditional implants fit female patients. It became clear that it was time for a knee specifically designed to fit a woman’s anatomy.

The result is the Zimmer Gender Solutions Knee, which is contoured to fit the anatomical shape of women’s knees. The knee is available in a number of cities globally.

The design of the Gender Solutions Knee is based on pioneering research that confirmed the differences between women’s and men’s knees that surgeons were seeing in the operating room. The research also allowed us to quantify three distinct and important differences between women’s and men’s knees.

Several other companies claim to have gender specific knee replacement systems; however, Zimmer’s Gender Solutions Knee is the first and only knee replacement shaped to fit a woman’s anatomy.

Clinical History

The Zimmer Gender Solutions Knee is built upon Zimmer’s 30-years of clinical success with total knee replacements. Specifically, the Zimmer Gender Solutions Knee is based on the tradition and clinical success of the Zimmer NexGen® Knee, which has been implanted over 1,000,000 times since its introduction in 1995. The NexGen Knee has been found to have the lowest risk of revision of any knee system as reported in several national registries.1,2 The Gender Solutions Implant is designed to: Be placed using existing surgical techniques, including Zimmer Minimally Invasive Solutions ™ (MIS™) Procedures, which typically offer smaller scars, shorter hospitalization and quicker rehabilitation and recovery And… Accommodate high flexion (up to 155 degrees), for patients with the desire and ability to do so. And this is only the beginning. The Gender Solutions Knee is the first of several gender innovations to come from Zimmer. Additional information is available by requesting a free brochure.

Essential Product Information

Individual results may vary. Your results will depend upon your personal circumstances. This information is intended to provide introductory information about the Gender Solutions High-Flex Knee. It does not include all of the information needed to determine eligibility for knee replacement or for proper use and care of a prosthetic knee implant. Please consult your physician for additional information. Joint replacement is usually a last option after all other treatments have been exhausted.


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