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Ankle Surgery

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Not all ankle injuries respond to conservative treatments. When you need ankle surgery, the orthopedic specialists at Hudson Valley Bone & Joint Surgeons, LLP offer these complex procedures at their offices in Hawthorne and Yonkers, New York. To schedule an appointment with the team, call the office nearest you today or book a visit online.

Ankle Surgery Q & A

What is ankle surgery?

Ankle surgery is a set of procedures that repair damage in the bones, ligaments, and/or soft tissues that make up the joint. The ankle joint is a complicated structure that requires a balance between stability and range of motion.

Injuring the ligaments that support the joint can restrict its range of motion. A direct blow to the joint itself can make it impossible to walk without pain.

Although conservative care is the first step in treating most ankle injuries, surgery is sometimes necessary to restore the joint’s full function. Ankle surgery not only repairs existing damage but also helps prevent reinjury.

Why do I need ankle surgery?

Most individuals need ankle surgery when their injuries don’t respond well to conservative treatments like rest, bracing, or casting. The orthopedic team at Hudson Valley Bone & Joint Surgeons could recommend ankle surgery if you have one or more of the following:

  • Repeated ankle sprains
  • Fractured ankle
  • Ankle deformities
  • Chronic tendinitis
  • Advanced arthritis
  • Ligament damage

After a thorough exam, including X-rays and other imaging tests, the team can determine which kind of ankle surgery best suits your unique condition.

What are the different kinds of ankle surgery?

The team performs several different kinds of ankle surgery at their offices, including:

Ankle arthroscopy

Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive alternative to open surgery. During this procedure, your orthopedic surgeon makes small incisions in your ankle and uses special instruments to repair the damage. The procedure usually causes less pain and scarring. You also heal much faster than after traditional surgery.

Ankle fracture surgery

Stabilizing your ankle is essential after a fracture. To help your ankle heal, the team will do a surgery that holds the broken bone fragments in place using metal screws, wires, and/or plates.

Tendon repair or reconstruction

During a tendon repair, the team rebuilds the damaged tendon or removes it entirely. In more complex cases, like severe Achilles tendonitis, the team will remove the inflamed or torn tendon and replace it with another foot tendon.

Ankle fusion

Ankle fusion means joining the ankle bones together with metal screws or plates. The team most often does this procedure on patients with advanced arthritis.

Ankle replacement

If you need a total ankle replacement, the team removes the entire joint. They replace it with an artificial metal or plastic joint.

Lateral ankle ligament construction

Lateral ankle ligament construction tightens and strengthens weak ligaments in the ankle. This procedure treats chronic ankle instability caused by loose ligaments.

To learn more about ankle surgery, call the orthopedic team at Hudson Valley Bone & Joint Surgeons, LLP today or schedule an appointment online today.