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Foot Surgery

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Restoring your foot’s full function can require surgery if you’ve suffered severe damage or deformity. This is especially true if you’re suffering from pain that hasn’t responded to conservative treatments. At Hudson Valley Bone & Joint Surgeons, LLP in Hawthorne and Yonkers, New York, the team of orthopedic surgeons offers all kinds of foot surgery. Whether you have bunions or heel spurs, foot surgery can help you recover from the pain. Call Hudson Valley Bone & Joint Surgeons today or book an appointment online to learn more.

Foot Surgery Q & A

What is foot surgery?

Foot surgery is any kind of procedure that treats damage in the small bones, tendons, or ligaments in the foot. These structures must work together to withstand the weight of your body when you stand, walk, or run. When you’ve suffered a foot injury or degenerative condition, it can change your entire gait — the way you walk — leading to pain and poor mobility.

While conservative treatments can relieve your pain, foot surgery is often necessary to repair lasting damage and restore your foot and ankle’s full function.

Who needs foot surgery?

The team at Hudson Valley Bone & Joint Surgeons could recommend foot surgery if you suffer from one or more of the following conditions:


Bunions are lumps of bone that form at the base of the big toe. As a bunion grows, it gradually pushes the big toe inward toward the rest of your toes. This makes walking, wearing shoes, and standing for long periods painful.

Heel spurs

A heel spur is a bony growth that forms in the heel. Pain from heel spurs can feel like a sharp jab or a dull ache. They usually develop when you wear shoes that are too narrow or tight.


Hammertoe occurs when the toe permanently bends at its middle joint. This is caused by a weakened ligament. The condition commonly affects the middle three toes. Not only can hammertoe be painful, but it can also leave your toes vulnerable to injury.


If the tendons in your foot overextend, tear, or become inflamed, you could have tendinitis. Surgery can repair or remove the affected tendons to relieve your foot pain.

What kinds of foot surgery are there?

At Hudson Valley Bone & Joint Surgeons, the orthopedic specialists offer several kinds of foot surgery, including:

Bunion surgery

How the team performs bunion surgery depends on how severe your condition is. For a minor bunion, the team can remove a portion of the bone to realign the big toe. However, if repairing the damage isn’t possible, the team might have to fuse the bones together or replace the joint entirely.

Heel spur excision

During a heel spur excision, the team removes the bone growth from your heel, relieving your pain and reducing the inflammation in your foot.

Hammertoe surgery

Depending on how severe your hammertoe is, the team could fuse the joints if the ligaments are weakened beyond repair. In some cases, an implant in the toe can straighten and realign it.

Tendon surgery

Lengthening or shortening the tendons in your foot can often relieve pain from some kinds of tendinitis.

Reconstructive foot surgery

In severe cases, like complex fractures and advanced soft-tissue damage, reconstructive foot surgery can restore the function of your foot and ankle.

Call Hudson Valley Bone & Joint Surgeons, LLP today or book an appointment online to find out if foot surgery is right for you.